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for us to talk abo about. we cannot stand by the sidelines in denial untouched, unamended, medicare is going to run out of money in 12 years. that is scary. >> but it's what durbin didn't say that was striking. in his prepared remarks durbin was going to say the following. quote, progressives should be willing to talk about ways to ensure the long-term viability of social security, medicare and medicaid, but those conversations should not be part of a plan to avert the fiscal cliff. durbin never said those remarks. he left that out. he later said he stood by those comments, and he did argue that medicare shouldn't be part of any up front down payment on the debt but part of the next year's long longer term negotiation. now while the short term talk to republicans may be tough, the longer term message to liberals is clear. entitlements in some form or fashion will need to be on the table. that means medicare. and a new "washington post"/abc poll shows just how politically tough making any changes to medicare will be. across party lines respondents said they are opposed to increasing
taxes. is it equally difficult to get democrats to agree to touch medicare? >> not when you have the president say he's going to do it. he said it during the grand bargain that didn't become too grand or a bargain, but he talked about entitlement reform and he's still talking about entitlement reform. he will do something in that area, as long as he can hammer those guys over $250,000. and make them pay more taxes. how $250,000 got to the point where that's the, quote, middle class is beyond my comprehens n comprehension. 100 would have been more appropriate for more real live people. he's going to get that. hopefully he can do it without doing rate increases, which are going to cost. anybody who is, quote, rich shouldn't mind paying more taxes. i don't understand that at all. and i don't understand that somebody, if you let them earn more money is going to use it to hire people. they may likely buy another kind of rig or a toy or something like that. i don't know. but all i know is one thing, you can't cut -- you can't cut spending away out of this hole, you can't tax your way
medicare and... social security are just numbers in a budget. well, we worked hard for those benefits. we earned them. and if washington tries to cram decisions about the future... of these programs into a last minute budget deal... we'll all pay the price. aarp is fighting to protect seniors with responsible... solutions that strengthen medicare and... social security for generations to come. we can do better than a last minute deal... that would hurt all of us. >>> cue the drum roll please, a top republican is trying to put distance between the gop and tax master grover norquist. at a closed-door meeting yesterday congressman tom cole urged his colleagues to get in line behind president obama and vote to extend only the bush tax cuts for middle income earners. such a move could lead to the expiration for the bush tax cuts for the top 2%. before the norquist spirit chasers could reach him, cole clarified today republicans could live to fight for lower rates another day. >> in my view, we all agree that we're not going to raise taxes on people that make less than $250,000. we should just
star rating among national medicare companies... and become the first and only national medicare advantage company to achieve a 5-star rating for a medicare plan... your efforts result in the quality of care and service we're able to provide... which means better health outcomes... and more quality time to share with the ones who matter most. i love you, grandma! [ male announcer ] humana. ♪ >>> welcome back, everybody. this is where the president will be speaking moments from now from the white house surrounded by middle-class americans, an attempt by the president to continue building support for his plan to avert the fiscal cliff. >>> developing now, new clashes in cairo, egypt today, between protesters and police. the protesters have been demanding that egypt's new president rescind the decree he had last thursday granting him absolute power. tens of thousands of protesters rallied in caikacairo's tahrir square. two of e jim's top courts today suspended their work in protest of president mohamed morsi's decr decree. joining me to talk more about the middle east is ambassado
a speech yesterday about the entitlement aspect. medicare, medicaid. the entitlement aspect and basically said we don't want entitlements to be part of the immediate talks january 1st but think as democrats they should be part of longer terms talks for next year. i'm just wondering, is there a sense from the white house among democrats of what it is they're prepared to give in on on terms of entitlement? >> not enough to satisfy the republicans, this's for sure. they say up here they have seen nothing. unfortunately, the few people who are beginning to even talk about the need for eventual compromise like a tom cole, like a dick durbin are quickly getting smacked down here, particularly on the republican side. that congressman just got a spanking from john boehner in front of his caucus today so there's -- doesn't seem to be any movement in that direction. i was at a breakfast with bowles and simpson this morning and erskine bowles saying he think there is's a 1 in 3 chance of this working out before the fiscal cliff is reached on december 31st. he said he's not hearing enough in terms of
on the table we are not very serious. we know that medicare and social security are going to grow. >>neil: thank yous senator. normally, you know with every prominent guest i write them a thank you note and you just let me know, you don't like it, you don't --. >>guest: no, it is not that. i don't want you to take your time that you have to devote to and talking to grover norquist and all the other things. that is all. i do appreciate the opportunity of being on your show and i think you do a great job and you are a fund guy. >>neil: it is fun to cut out magazine letters circumstances. john mccain, senator, and former presidential candidate. thank you. go for the hikes, just keep your hands off entitlements, unions are sending that message to congress. is congress listening? republican senator rand paul says they better not listen to that. ship ground for less than the ups store. that's right. i've learned the only way to get a holiday deal is to camp out. you know we've been open all night. is this a trick to get my spot? [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. save on ground s
democrats are facing pressure from interest groups who oppose changes to medicare and social security like this one from the aarp. >> some politicians think medicare and social security are just numbers in a budget. well, we worked hard for those benefits. we earned them. and if washington tries to cram decisions about the future of these programs into a last-minute budget teal, we'll all pay the price. >> and there's your potential pressure from the left. gop negotiators have put adjusting the measure of inflation which determines social security benefits back on the table, something the president had agreed to in 2011. majority leader harry reid has ruled that out this time and the number two democrat durbin repeated reid's position on sunday. >> social security does not add one penny to our debt. not a penny. it's a separate funded operation and we can do things, and i believe we should, now, smaller things, played out over the longer term that gives it solvency. medicare is another story. >> there's still staff level discussions going on. and, by the way, as much as washington gets cau
achievements of the past century, social security and medicare, on the chopping block in exchange for that. that shouldn't be in exchange for that, because if we simply do nothing, the republicans lose everything they want. >> such a great point. dan, speaking of republicans not recognizing the new reality, grover norquist has been furiously trying to spin the fact that there are several senators and members of congress who are moving away from his sacred pledge. let's take a listen to a little bit of grover. >> the pledge is not for life, but everybody who signed the pledge, including peter king who tried to weasel out of it, shame on him as the new york sun said today, i hope his wife understands that commitments last a little longer than two years or something. no pledge taker has voted for a tax increase. they've had some people discussing impure thoughts on national television. the same thing with other people who are elected because they made that written commitment to the people of their state. >> that sounds like a threat. >> why does he keep making this romantic sexual thing? >> d
, republicans want changes to medicare and medicaid, cuts they say will keep both of them solvent for future generations. in exchange, one possible deal would eliminate deductions for the wealthy, maybe even the very popular mortgage deduction. and while republicans have been more open to revenue, that does not mean tax rate increases. many democrats insist that tax rates for the wealthiest americans absolutely have to go up. but they don't necessarily agree on how much they should rise. let me bring in usa today's washington bureau chief, susan page, and ryan grim. good morning to both of you. >> hey, good morning. >> good morning. >> we've laid out some of the basics there and warren buffett was out this morning talking about taxing the wealthy. he says there should be a minimum tax on millionaires. take a listen. >> i think it would have a great effect in terms of the morale of the middle class who have seen themselves paying high payroll taxes, income taxes, and then they've watched guys like me end up paying a rate that's below that, you know, paid by the people in my office. >> you kno
within the medicare program, move away from a fee for service system which does lead to higher costs, but we would not take -- we would not simply take those rising costs and put them on the backs of seniors as the republican plan would. >> yes or no, do you support raising the retirement age? >> no, i do not support raising the retirement age. as i said, i think the best approach to dealing with this is to build on the progress that we made in the affordable care act which is already showing signs of slowly bending the cost curve in health care. we need to do more, but we shouldn't do it by simply transferring the risks and costs onto the backs of seniors and that's the very different approach that we have taken from our republican colleagues. >> a growing group of liberal fiscal cliff jumpers if you will as they're being called, they seem to be willing to risk everything, jump off the cliff if social safety nets face deep cuts while tax rates stay low for the wealthy. do you think that is smart politics or could it backfire against democrats? >> i think what the president has said
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of tax increases on the rich and no cuts to entitlements like social security and medicare. many key players are talking more defiantly on these issues since the election. nancy pelosi for example flatly said she wouldn't go along with a deal that didn't raise tax rates on the rich. let's watch the former speaker. >> we've seen talk about a possible compromise that would leave rates the same but cap deductions for high income earners. is that something that's acceptable? >> no. >> not at all? no way? >> i mean, the president made it very clear in his campaign that there is not enough -- there are not enough -- what you just described is a formula and a blueprint for hampering our future. >> okay. senate majority leader harry reid said social security should be completely off the table. let's watch the senate leader. >> i've told anyone that will listen, including everyone in the white house, including the president, that i am not going to be part of having social security as part of these talks. >> okay. the president is feeling the pressure to stick to his guns but how much room doe
, but what counts is what he's willing to put on the table and so far, he hasn't put medicare and social security, saving and preserving those entitlement programs on the table. i believe they have to be, because if we're going to preserve those for future generations, we need to do something meaningful on those. the problem is, erin, if we just do cuts in temporary spending, those can easily be undone. we know there's been a lot of promises made in exchange for tax increases and it never comes to pass when it comes to spending cuts. >> there was a "washington post" poll which said raise taxes on incomes over $250,000 a year, 60% support it. when you ask about raising medicare coverage from 65 to 57, most people oppose that. so do you have the courage to say, we have to raise retirement age. raising taxes on the wealthy is easy. >> it is hard to do and you can't do it on a partisan basis. this election did not produce a mandate for president obama or our democratic friends, we have got exactly the same thing we had before the election which is divided government. >> he has more people in
into megadisaster. we'll tell you how not to in a moment. shopping for medicare coverage? don't wait. open enrollment ends december 7th. now's the time to take action. call unitedhealthcare today. >>> is there breaking news that's been happening this morning? we just told you off the top of the program president obama is going to meet with his former challenger mitt romney at the white house tomorrow. that is exciting. then also there is something that is going on right now. there is a meeting right now between the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. susan rice, who has been under a lot of criticism lately for the things she said after the benghazi attack in libya. and also with the top republican in the homeland security committee, senator susan collins of maine the republican from maine. we think that meeting might break up any minute while we're in this program live and if it does i'll interrupt what i am doing or about to do hopefully to have a few words with the good senator about how the meeting went. if it was anything like yesterday, ooh, didn't go so well with the senators she met with ye
. >> dick durbin says when you're talking about entitlement reform or cuts in spending for medicare, medicaid for example, he says that's too complicated now. listen to what he said this morning. >> when it comes to medicare, we know that it's going to run out of money in 12 years. whatever changes we want to make should be thoughtful changes not made in the heat of the fiscal cliff. >> can you defer medicare for example -- medicare reform until after you get a deal on the fiscal cliff? >> well, if we do that, wolf, i think what you have to do is also defer the issue of taxes. i think you extend tax rates some time into the foreseeable future whether that's six months or a year and allow us to go through the process where we can deal with entitlement reform and tax reform in regular order. i don't see republicans supporting something up here that deals with taxes that doesn't have entitlement reform incorporated into that. so i think right now we're a little bit of a standoff, but the way to solve this would be of course to extend the existing tax rates which is by the way something
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in medicare, cuts in medicaid, some reforms that would effectively result in some cuts in the rate of growth, if you will. but what i hear you saying is that you're ready for increased tax revenue but not through raising the tax rate for the upper income, for the highest income bracket? >> what you find is when you raise rates like most economists will tell you, you harm the economy. two years ago when the democrats controlled all, we were at the same place. >> if you raise rates to 39.6% for those families earning more than $250,000 a year, those families and those small businesses did quite well during the years of the clinton administration when the rate was 39.6%. why not go back to that? >> the economy was stronger then. president obama who had nancy pelosi as speaker two years ago said don't raise the rates in a down economy. it hurts it. >> the economy's a little stronger now than it was two years ago. >> i don't know if you've been out there in the economy -- you see a lot of people underemployed, half of college students coming out, a lot of them can't find jobs. we're at our lowest
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's that time of year again. medicare open enrollment. time to compare plans and costs. you don't have to make changes. but it never hurts to see if you can find better coverage, save money, or both. and check out the preventive benefits you get after the health care law. ♪ open enrollment ends december 7th. so now's the time. visit or call 1-800-medicare. >>> now, she might be the president's choice to succeed hillary clinton. would you support her? >> i would be very hard pressed. >> if it were john kerry? >> he became within a whisper of being president of the united states. i think that works in his favor but, i would love to hear him make his case. but i don't have anything in his background like this tragedy in benghazi, that would make me really want to make me carefully examine the situation. >> if president obama nominating john kerry in stead of susan rice, massachusetts would hold a special election to fill kerry's seat, which provokes this question. >> would you be running again in the special election? >> there's no vacancy that i'm aware of and we'll see what happe
medicare. i don't know. let's see if they resurface paul ryan's voucher proposal. let's see if they resurface the bill that paul ryan proposed right after bush was re-elected. bush 43 was re-elected. when he went on a tour around privatizing social security and paul ryan was the first one to author that legislation. so let's see what they mean and i know democrats will never stand for breaking the guarantee. >> bill: that, in fact is what they mean by entitlement reform. senator dick durbin was over at the senator for american progress yesterday and he made it very, very clear that when the word entitlement reform is used or the phrase, there's one thing it should not include. here's senator durbin. >> i think we should take social security off the table for the current fiscal cliff and deficit discussion but be very honest about what we're going to achieve in the near term. i think we should create the equivalent of a simpson bowles commission for social security and give them eight months to a year, a directive
should not be on the table. some democrats say medicare should not be on the table. republicans aren't going to give away taxes, whether it's rates or withholdings unless they get meaningful entitlement reforms. >> i think for the piece of the tax fight that matters here it's a matter of principle. >> greta: it's called grudge. >> no. it's called winning. he campaigned on this around the country. to back away from that -- >> greta: even if he gets it, it's doesn't the problem. that's the irony. >> you need a lot of pieces. this is the one critical piece from the democrats' perspective. >> he did not campaign on solving the long-term problem. if people wanted to do that, they could have elected paul ryan they did. >> he did campaign on it, the tax base and -- >> greta: it's sort part of the job, leadership for all of them, economic stewardship of the country. i mean, it's a little bit part of the job. >> the whole job. that's what we're they're here to do. >> greta: i'm being sarcastic. >> that's what bill woodward said, that clinton got it done. he can't lose this negotiation after w
. not just medicare. but you know, why don't we negotiate prices for prescription drugs? that would save us $160 billion over ten years. the fee for service volume-driven system that's making it unaffordable, these are things that ought to be put into the discussion and not have it just be what's the ratio because bottom line, we have to come up with something that's more efficient, more effective more sustainable. >> eliot: you make a hugely important point. no question when it comes to healthcare, we have to change, bend to the curve to use the language of washington, d.c. or else we will have a crisis. on the other hand, there are other areas of government spending where we must invest and as you point out in 19th century infrastructure does not make us competitive and what's been lost in some of the conversation here is the necessity of making those investments. are you going to try to lead the charge to bring us back to a more sensible middle ground on this? >> i am. i think some republicans might agree on that
drives the deficit obviously is the spending on entitlements. medicare, medicaid and social security. we can't fix this by attacking discretionary spending. it's easy. it's convenient, no one argues. but with political leadership we need specificity. we ought to get a downpayment that gets us into next year and then have a thoughtful discussion about how to make the tax code competitive. lower the tex rate and broaden the base and do things that help us grow. we're talking about 70% of the economy is consumption. if they start to save and people aren't spending when we need them to spend, so going over the fiscal cliff without a barrel, it would be a disaster and people that talk about we could do it and it wouldn't be a bad idea, it would be a terrible idea and we would be back in recession, consumers wouldn't spend. big mistake. >> chris: we have less than a minute left. if we get a deal and it's a solid deal, how much of a boost would it be to the markets? how much pentup demand? how much would you capital that's been sitting on the sidelines? i'm asking what's the upside here? >> i t
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on entitlements, medicare and medicaid and social security and we cannot fix it by attacking discretionary spending. that is the easy thing and it is conve convenient and when we talk about political leadership we need it and we need specificity and what we ought to do in the next few weeks is get a down payment that gets us into next year and then have a thoughtful discussion about how we make the tax code more competitive and lower the corporate rate from 35 to 25% and broaden the base and do the things that will put us on a trajectory of growing, and consumers start to pull back, now we are talking about 70% of the economy is consumption and if they pull back and start to save, we are talking the paradox of thrift and people don't spend at a time we need them to spend and going off the falls in a barrel, the fiscal cliff without a barrel would be a disaster and people say, we could do it and we'll have leverage politically, it would be a terrible idea and we'd be back in recession and consumers wouldn't spend, big mistake. >> chris: mr. sweeney, finally, less than a minute left. if we g
Search Results 0 to 32 of about 33 (some duplicates have been removed)